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Bass Smallmouth
Trout Brook
Trout Rainbow

The 80 mile long Beaver River rises in the Tushar Mountains in Southwest Utah in the Fishlake National Park and flows down through the village of Beaver, Minersville and Milford.  Highway Utah 153/21 off Interstate 15 provides easy access.  Beaver lies about 320 miles Southwest of Salt Lake City.  The L/L for the South end of the Minersville Reservoir is N38.21389 W112.83620.

The Beaver River offers great fishing for Rainbows and Brookies.  The best stretch runs from the town of Beaver through Minersville and then onto the town of Milford.  Beyond Milford the fishing does not hold us as well.  The river does start up in the Tushar Mountains in the Fishlake National Forest.  From Meadow Lake at 9,355 feet in elevation, the river passes through Puffer Lake, LaBaron Reservoir and Kents Lake as well as the Minersville Reservoir.  The Minersville Reservoir has big Rainbows and Smallmouth Bass

The scenery is great and up in the mountain areas, absolutely spectacular.  There is a lot to see and enjoy in addition to great fishing opportunities.  This is a great family get away area in addition to providing a great setting for the outdoorsman.

Interstate 15 intersects with Utah State 153/21 and the town Beaver is right there.  You can take 153 up from there into the mountains and fish along the river or in the lakes up in the higher elevations.  Or&and this really is the best fishing, you can follow Hwy State 129 through Minersville and up to Milford.  The distance from Beaver to Milford is about 30 miles so getting between spots is pretty quick.

Flows can change from time to time.  Recent CFS reading are kept for the USGS Flow station 1023900 at Rocky Ford Dam on the  Minersville Reservoir Dam. 

Located at the Reservoir is the Minersville State Park which boasts fishing and boating all year long.  There are docks and launch ramps.  Along with camp sites there is potable water, electric hook-ups and restrooms with hot showers available.  This is a good base camp to fish the river as well as the reservoir.  There are of course, plentiful rooms to stay in between Milford, Minersville, and the town of Beaver which is twelve mile East from the Reservoir.

If you want to fish Utah, this is one of the best places to spend some time.

The river is not a large water and width varies quite a bit on its 80 mile trip to Clear Lake in the Black Rock Desert area.

The Minersville Reservoir is 1130 surface acres.


Temperatures in general will range from lows in the 20s in January into the 70/80 range in Summer.  This will be typical in the Minersville-Milford area.  Higher elevations up in the Tushars can run from below zero in Winter to 50s in Summer.  Winter does bring snow.  While the rains can certainly come, this is not an area under siege by them.

Fishing Methods:

Fly rods, spinning rigs, and bait casters are all at home here.  The fly fisherman will generally work the river while the others are probably more dominant on the Lake.  But, all three will work anywhere in these waters.  The depth of the lake favors the bait casters.


Winter months can close access to the river due to ice and snow.  The Reservoir can be fished in the Winter and the Rainbows will still be biting.  However, April through Mid-October is the best time frame to consider fishing the area.  Higher elevations up in the Tushars may be still closed for a longer period due to weather conditions. 

As always, check with the State Game and fish Department for any special regulations.

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