Species At This Location:
Trout Brown
Trout Rainbow

The North Platte River fishery is located below Gray Reef Dam West of the City of Casper about 29 miles on Route 220 near the town of Alcova.  This is a high plains desert area.

Blessed with a steady flow of tail water running from 800 CFS to 2000CFS from the Gray Reef Dam on the reservoir of the same name, the North Platte is among the best Trout Fisheries in the U.S.  It is primarily a fly fishing destination but does support ultra light spinning tackle as well.  Fishing can be good all year long with the April  May time frame being the best. 

This is not The Miracle Mile which is above Gray Reef Dam but is close to being as good and very easy to access.

Fishing is good right below the dam but fishing pressure can be heavy.  Working downstream can bring great results and a little more solitude for making the effort.  Much land along rivers in Wyoming is private and that is true along the Platte.  However, the Fish and Game Department has worked with private land owners as well as public land to assure access and has marked areas with signs noting where you can go.

These are some of the access points and all are quite good and well marked by signage.  GPS co-ordinates are listed for access points if available to us using WGS 84.

The BLM access run downstream from Government Bridge
Government Bridge  N42.63803  W106.61780
By The Way Ranch
Bessimer Bend  N42.76467  W106.52815
Paradise  N42.82578  W106.41550 (Go North on Robertson Rd)

While the fishing is mostly big Rainbows, there are Browns and Cutthroats as well.  10 pound fish are not uncommon.  Fish have done so well in the Platte under the Fish and Game Management plan, that stocking has been reduced to about only 10 percent of the fish in the River and there are discussions about stopping that.  The fish population is estimated at 3,600 per mile has pretty much gone native.

The area around the fishery has several tackle shops, lots of good restaurants and plenty of hotel space.  Besides, with Casper right above the Paradise access, there is all of the conveniences you could want.  There is much history in the area and plenty to do in addition to fishing with picnicking and hiking being popular activities along with sightseeing. 

The Fishery runs from Grey Reef back to Morad City Park in Casper, ( a boat ramp area) a distance of about 20 miles. 

Since the area is high plains desert, summers can be very hot and dry.  Spring and fall can be cold, wet and windy.  Winter can be severe.  Yet, you can fish in any time of the year.  The River will form ice in the Winter but since it is moving water, it does not freeze up.  Temperatures range from 0°F in the Winter to 90°F in the summer.  Summer can also bring lots of rain so be prepared.

Fishing Methods:

Fly fishing is really a great way to fish this area but Spinner rigs work well also.  Youll find folks fishing both styles next to each other.

The river bottom is often muddy so be careful wading because you can get stuck in the mud easily.  Also flows can be swift.  Another issue is that the river is very weedy so any lure can get hung up pretty easily if it is a sub-surface type.

Food available in the River includes baitfish, crawdads, leeches, and scuds, plus a host of seasonal hatches such as olives, caddis, tricos and yellow sallies.  Check with one of the local shops to determine what works best for the time of year you are planning to go.

Fishing is open all year.


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