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This is your go to site for information on fly fishing and spin fishing on any freshwater fishery in the US. Covering all water is an ongoing task and one that we love. We add new articles as they are completed. The older articles are maintained in our state by state files so the site is a wealth of useful information. Each article tells you where to fish, what you will catch, and how to fish the water. A map and GPS information make it easy to locate the water you are interested in. We hope you enjoy our site and we look forward to getting your feedback.

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WY - Snake River out of Jackson Hole 

Flowing out of the beautiful Yellowstone National Park, the Snake River flows through Wyoming to the Pallisades Reservoir before continuing its journey on into Idaho and beyond.  This article introduces you to those Wyoming



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An excerpt

The headwaters of the Snake in Yellowstone National Park offer a relatively easy day hike to excellent cutthroat fishing. This is where it all begins. The trail head is near the south entrance to Yellowstone. (WGS84 -N44.13629, W11066661)  A reasonable hike east will get you to some great small water fishing for Snake River cutthroats. Just downstream (South) from the Yellowstone entrance a road to the West follows the river for a few miles giving some easy access.' 


Ma - Kennebago River

Wild native landlocked salmon and brook trout prowl the waters of this out of the way river in Maine. What could be more fun than catching native trout in wild country? Bob Rifchin tells us about one of his favorite haunts. 


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An excerpt
The Kennebago River is a unique place among Maine Rivers, for along its flow it changes character many times. It

 begins at Big Island Pond (apx WGS84 - N45.24250, W70.78247) not far from the Quebec border, in a long stretch of what has been private (gated) water for many years. It is small here as it follows the Kennebago River Road, and is typical of quality brook trout water in the region. It stays that way without much interference from man for many miles until it crosses under the Lincoln Pond Road where it meets the Tim Pond Road at the lower end of Little Kennebago Lake.' 

WI - Door County Smallmouth 

Door County offers some of the best smallmouth fishing in the country. Miles of shoreline and ample forage fish provide the ideal environment for growing trophy smallmouth and all this water is easily accessible.



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An excerpt
'The crystal clear waters of Green Bay and Lake Michigan lap against Door County's towering limestone bluffs. Enchanting bays are guarded by classic, and still functioning, lighthouses.  Cherry pies, cherry wine, cherry pancakes and cherry, well, cherry anything tell of its agricultural heritage. The interior is dotted with cherry trees, apple orchards, and vineyards. First class theater and outstanding golf courses add to the attractions. The Nordic culture still permeates the place, a legacy of early fishermen who came for the abundant yields of its waters. No wonder Door County, Wisconsin is rated as one of the ten most popular summer vacation destinations in the country.

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