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The Fisheries dot Net offers a unique way to zero in on the folks who are specifically interested in your special place to come and enjoy the fishing and other attractions there.
If you offer food, campsites, motel accomodations, fishing gear, guide services or any product or service that can be used by visitors coming to your area to fish, we are are an up close and personal way to reach them.
Visitors to The Fisheries dot Net website are getting very specific information regarding the water, the fish, the methods and opportunities that your area offers. They are generally looking for specifics to plan a trip there. Let them know what you can offer. Our advertising rates are Cost Per Click (CPC) based so you only pay for people specifically looking at your business. The current CPC rate is $1.00.
Please take a look at one of the Articles and you will see how what we call a LOGO ad is used. The Arizona Seven Lakes Article has a good example. If the visitor to the Article clicks on the LOGO, the visitor is taken to your website.
You can develop the LOGO yourself by using the set up instructions or contact us for help. Your credit card is put on file in a Secure Server and you are billed at the end of each month.
To create an ad for your business, click on the “Advertise Here” button on any Article page or at the bottom of this page and you will be taken to a page to set up your account and ad.
Creating an ad. Your LOGO ad that will connect visitors to your Website is 165 pixels Wide and 180 pixels Tall. While what your create will be resized to fit that space, it is helpful if your try to stay close to that while creating the LOGO. That way you get a better idea of what it will look like on the Article page.
Create the LOGO in a JPG format. You can use almost any graphic program including a Word processor, a PDF file, or a Power Point type presentation program. Anything that can be converted to a JPG or JPEG before you upload the file.  You may have to do some working with the ad and upload it a few times to be sure it is readable and you are satisfied with it.  Keep in mind it is a small space. Get to the point and say most compelling thing you can say.  The object is to get the visitor to click on the LOGO and go to your Website.
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